Children in secluded organizations

Bookinformation: Children in secluded organizations
Educated as unfeeling and sexless people
2. Auflage 1994m 316 Seiten.
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About the book: There is still much inexplicable knowledge about orphans and foster children. They are set to be burned children and marked for their life. Remarkable are the following statements in a German specialized book (translated):
"What do we know about orphans? It seems that there are no definite answers... However it could be that children with our way of thinking aren't reachable".
(H. Kupffer, Hrsg., Einführung in Theorie und Praxis der Heimerziehung, UTB 657, 5. 93)

Now there are existing definite answers!
  • Children in orphanages or secluded organizations are only objects. They are "unfeeling- and sexless persons".
  • Closed institutions favored corporal punishment of children. Punishment is only used for the education of marionettes and human wreck.
  • Educators in secluded organizations are at the best only watchdogs. They would only be possible to go on a level of neo-primitives, who are only in the position to user their primeval muscular power to demonstrate a way of individual dominance. This all has nothing to do with education.
  • Social workers of youth welfare office, who transport children into the orphanages, are primarily only office workers in 'objects business affairs'. Social workers are part of our bureaucratic order, where child welfare seems to have no place.
  • For jurists of Guardianship Courts is the term child welfare apparently a foreign word. They are master of jugglery with paragraphs and based their expert decisions on office workers in 'objects of business affairs'.