Youth killing spree: A perversion of suicide or pullback to childhood and united in paradise?


An approached explanation in interdisciplinary context, based on the following assumptions:

My approached explanation regards my own teenage dealing with youths about their existential problems to become adult. The time may be far away from now, but today I have five children myself, who have demanded from me quite a lot so that I have endangered my children to ask too much of them. Therefore I have forced myself to be considerate several times, something many parents do not seem to be able to.
In so far this expertise is also a reference to my personality. My explanations of the killing spree are at risk to be misunderstood or interpreted the wrong way. Due to those reasons I mainly address experts and ask for the private readers to show consideration for the presented explanations and to deal with concerned specialists, for example social pedagogues, psychologists, family therapists or either teachers having children themselves in case of incomprehension. There always are problems in our social interaction and the only human beings with no problems are those lying in the cemeteries.

Wenz Flash
28th March 2009

Youth killing spree: A perversion of suicide or pullback to childhood and united in paradise?


  1. Acts committed in the heat of the moment
  2. Verbal and Nonverbal behaviour
  3. What are youths concerned with?
  4. Red Alert: Adolescent goes to a psychologist/psychiatrist voluntarily
  5. What has gone wrong?
    • 5.1 The chaos in mind or simply manic? Loss of self-respect?
    • 5.2 Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (AD/HD)
    • 5.3 What do you want with your laws? Trust me!
    • 5.4 Amok: the perversion of suicide?
    • 5.5 Organically sick?
  6. What should we change so that killing sprees will not repeat?
    • 6.1 Family coaching
    • 6.2 Intact communication channel
    • 6.3 Data Protection Acts should not be abused as an alibi
    • 6.4 Suicidal kids need a spiritual adviser for themselves
    • 6.5 No access to firearms! We are not in the Wild West, are we?
    • 6.6 Squealing on somebody does not count, is immoral?
    • 6.7 Face the problems, do not run away
    • 6.8 Opportunity makes thieves – and murderers
  7. The victims' suffering
    • 7.1 Flashbacks lasting the whole life?
    • 7.2 What could help the aggrieved ones?
      • 7.2.1 Grief work with specialized backup as long as necessary
      • 7.2.2 The power of faith in afterlife, the dream of paradise
      • 7.2.3 Leaving the place where it all happens? Redefinition of the own personality!
      • 7.2.4 Comprehend the reasons of happening and the attempt to change
        • Worst Case Scenario?
        • There are always the others doing things wrong?
        • Prohibition does hardly work
  8. Why at all?
    • 8.1 Destroyed self-respect (even adults kill themselves in case they have lost self-respect)
    • 8.2 Attention deficit and to be left to one's own devices
    • 8.3 Showdown or just cornered and to settle one's account with the pullback to childhood?
    • 8.4 Why innocents, former pupils?
    • 8.5 Why the former school?
    • 8.6 The victim turns to culprit?
    • 8.7 Lack of comprehension among experts? Because you can only think with what you know!
    • 8.8 How to make it as difficult for the culprits as possible
      • 8.8.1 No firearms in private households
      • 8.8.2 If possible, inform the parents instantly
      • 8.8.3 Safeguards
    • 8.9 Who is liable for the losses?
  9. Conclusion: Time for a contemporary model of a family with youths