1. Acts committed in the heat of the moment

The tide of events concerning the killing spree of Winnenden in March 2009 has shocked our society in many ways. Due to my own experiences of terror in my early childhood in a governmental children's orphanage emotional affects are not foreign to me. As a child living in an orphanage you belonged to the society's disadvantaged groups. You were known as “antisocial”, among experts as stigmatized which means you were denounced, branded for your whole life. No one had ambitions to be in contact with such children, the peers have kept their distance except for the ones being classified as “antisocial” themselves, as they have lived in corresponding city quarters. The bigger part of these quarters had been liquidated during the last century and established new living space for the concerned families in other districts. Ghettos were avoided. Experts of pedagogy for children and adolescents in governmental foster homes started to interest themselves for stigmatized children to relieve them of their stigma as a great part of (half-)orphans (estimates partly amount to 80%) became criminal in youth or adult life. Still specialists are labouring on all possible approaches of explanation and solution for the high criminal rate of children once having lived in foster homes. Nowadays, pedagogues and psychologists are also confronted with the problems of teenage spree killers usually coming from sheltered homes. Experts do not have any deep explanation. Some of them would be too pleased to stick spree killers simply together with the attributes “psychopathic” and “schizophrenic” so that these spree killers would be nothing more than rare and unexplainable individual cases for which there is no need of any scientific interest. But even politicians show strong interest and ask for explanations due to the anew case. Me, I was touched mainly by the strong dismay of politicians with its representatives, the Federal President and the female Federal Chancellor, whereas even the Federal President almost lost his voice during the funeral service. At this very moment I became aware of this relative helplessness and the lack of power concerning these incidents. There are explanations missing and the question arises how there could be any help. After the funeral service an announcement was published by media according to which even the Federal President intends to establish tightened provisions for First-Person-Shooters as one of the very first answers to the killing spree. I am afraid to claim that this is the wrong train policy bets on and it clarifies that everyone is still missing the point. It is emotional actions, committed in the heat of the moment, remaining in affect.
I want to provide required explanations, that cannot be comprehended plainly rational but in rational and irrational bond. People distinguish themselves with those bonds - of course me too as there is no purely rational human, the human who is obedient only to his sanity. Every human sometimes acts irrational, in other terms, insensate, unexplainable or only explainable in case irrationality was conceived.

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